Triflo Sensa-Touch 1.0 hp

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Triflo Sensa-Touch 1.0 hp


The Sensa Touch control panel operates the pump and heater from the side of your bath. By simply pressing the pump button your pump starts and automatically initiates the heater function to maintain your bath water temperature. You can adjust the amount of heat you require by pressing the heater button on the touch pad.

When the pump starts, the heater automatically is set to high. A second press is medium, a third press is low and a fourth press turns the heater off if not required. The internal control system features automatic shut down under “no water/blocked suction” condition for optimum safety.

The TriFlo pump internal design allows the water to self drain so that there is no residue water left in the pump when the spa is emptied in accordance with Local Health Regulations.

TriFlo spa bath pumps are designed for spa bath operation only and should not be used in chemically treated water or any other purpose without seeking written approval from Edgetec Systems Pty Ltd for the application.

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Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 384 × 148 × 198 mm


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