Triflo Spa Key Hot Pump 1 hp

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Triflo Xtra-Heat 1.5 hp


Edgetec TriFlo 1.0hp Spa-Key Spa Bath Pump.

Also sold as Decina TriFlo 1.0hp Spa-Key Spa Bath Pump.

Hand held 4 button waterproof remote operated(Pump is fitted with a 700watt integrated heater element).

This pump is an ideal replacement for other brands, when the old air button or touchpad cable is unreachable(Please note if replacing another brand of pump, re-plumbing will be required).
The remote can operate up to 6m away from the pump, this includes through walls and brickwork.

MULTI PORTS: Can be plumbed as a Top discharge, Front discharge or both.

AIR BLEED: Air bleed can be activated at anytime should air locking occur, the air bleed has an o’ring seal to ensure sealing once air has been expelled.

Pump Dimensions – W: 148mm, H: 198mm, L: 384mm

230/240V, 750watt – 7.5amps(This includes the 700watts for the heater element)

Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 384 × 148 × 198 mm


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